Peregrine Falcon Original Watercolor

$1,450.00 USD

A member of the Bird Flight series - the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal on the planet. 2022.

19" x 27"

Original watercolor on watercolor paper, framed.

A few years ago, Isa was up before dawn watching the birds above her. These flight patterns, these imprints into air, space, and sky were gorgeous and stayed with her. Contour drawings of different species' flights came first, then a handful of paintings, later even more and now a collection.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet — it has been clocked at 242 miles per hour. I have only seen one at a distance but never tire of watching their missile-like dives on YouTube. They have evolved into one of the most formidable predators. As for the color palette — I chose blue for the sky and red watercolor strokes for speed and blood.