Handyman Limited Edition Print

$585.00 USD

A fine art print of an original mixed media piece based off an old quip of Isa's mother's - "A woman needs two husbands: one to talk to and one to fix things." 2008.

27" x 31", contemporary black frame.

Edition of 1. Framed, digital fine art print, using Epson printmaking technology on Museo paper.

The inspiration for this piece is from an old quip of Isa's mother's regarding marriage. She would always say that a woman needed two husbands: one to talk to and one to fix things. Isa is blessed with a wonderful husband to talk to, so she fabricated her own handyman.

Catto’s parents liked a good aphorism. Although this stereotype is a bit outdated, it provided the inspiration for the original mixed media and subsequent prints.