Blanca Flowerkisser Italian Silk Scarf

$240.00 USD
A shimmering long silver-grey scarf or wrap adds elegance to the everyday or an evening out. The silk fabric has been printed on both sides with a hummingbird in flight pattern. The different scales of the printed design add interest no matter how you style it.

Approximately 26 x 68 inches

100% pure silk, printed in Italy. Specialized designs have been printed on both sides of the silk. Highest grade silk is used for vibrancy of color. Hem is hand-rolled and hand-stitched in the United States. Dry clean only.

My mother Jessica taught me that scarves were the best fashion hacks and inspired the creation of these pieces. I still have four treasured scarves of my mother's. Her beloved Hermes scarf is framed and hangs in my daughter’s bedroom. We designed our silk collection to last, to be the first thing you will pack for a trip and the final thing you will put on before stepping out. A scarf to be passed from one generation to the next.