TSK original mixed media collage based on the inner critics.

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Most of us host a slew of critics, day in and day out. They languish in great state and comfort, lodged in our psyches. Perhaps the 45th president is an exception, but most artists struggle with these voices. Sometimes they are quiet, but they often yip like hyenas at the slightest provocation. I find my sabotage squad tiresome, and a treacherous addition to the creative process, so I decided to put them to work in a mixed media series. TSK is a dour Cotton Mather sort (or Mr. Casaubon from The Mill on the Floss) an inner critic who, at my age, is more amusing than annoying. But, I can still hear his reedy, shaming voice when I neglect a thank you note, hide from a social commitment or don’t volunteer enough at my kids’ school. 2016


Original mixed media on panel.
My mixed media panels have a very different compositional approach from my paintings. I find myself increasingly looking for intersection in my private and public lives as a mother, a woman, an artist, a writer, a gardener, as a citizen in my local community and at large. I am using my next show to examine overlap. My creative process is inspired by the rhythm, the chaos, and considerations of my life – and by poetry, literature, and especially by the natural world.

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The piece: 12 x 14 inches



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