Green Field Journal


When I was nine, a family friend gave me my first journal. I carried it everywhere, and this habit became permanent. Creating a journal that might become someone else’s permanent habit has been a goal for some time. This green stripe journal is built for use, its thick blank pages accept a wider range of media and can capture everything from doodles to dreams. The exposed spine binding is a nod to traditional bookbinding and, most importantly, the sewn binding allows the journal to open completely. We handcraft each journal in the studio, made-to-order, so you are able to select the color of your end sheets. The front end sheet has a turn-in to stiffen the edge, creating a space where you can conveniently tuck in a business card, or note. The back end sheet has a built-in pocket folder which is useful for a myriad of treasures.

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Pattern Story

When I taught watercolor, I found many students grew anxious about color and preferred the security of squeezing premixed pigments out of a paint tube instead of creating their own concoctions. I created a series of color field paintings to ease more people out of the basics and into a more complex understanding of hue and saturation.

Product Story

Purposefully designed for function while making your everyday living a touch more artful. This green stripe journal cover is Isa’s take on a color field painting.


Blank journal pages are a thick 80# cream paper that is 100% post-consumer waste. Cover is printed in the studio on high-quality fine art paper and hand coated with a varnish designed for inkjet prints. End sheets and back cover are from the G . F Smith Paper Mill. Each journal is handmade in our studio. Back cover is hand waxed for durability.

Product Dimensions

5.75″ x 8.25″
128 sheets; 256 pages



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