Pi Stripes 53-78 Limited Edition Print

$75.00 USD

Limited edition prints based off a color “algorithm” assigned to the digits 1-9. Twenty-six digits of the irrational number pi are represented here. 2021.

9.5" x 9"

Edition of 30. Digital fine art print, using Epson printmaking technology on Museo paper.

These prints are a color “algorithm” based on the digits 53-78 of the irrational number pi. When Catto’s young daughter became captivated by the scope of this transcendental number and the concept of irrationality, Catto decided to explore the concept of infinity on her own terms. She assigned each number (0-9) to a different shade or color and painted the sequence, starting with 3.1415926 and continuing. She found cadence in irrationality and a new correspondence with color. Catto recognized that patterns are embedded in seemingly random sequences and she continues to explore this dynamic in subsequent paintings.