Palette Study III


“Palette Study III” original watercolor painting. Yellow and pink circles in squares.

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Palette Study III original geometric watercolor painting. Yellow and pink circles in squares.

This piece was inspired by the classic geometrical problem of squaring the circle. The idiom “squaring the circle” also served as a good personal metaphor, since I was grappling with what I thought were insurmountable challenges. It stands as a metaphor for me; a reminder that it’s not always possible to find the rational in life. I will never exactly square a circle, no matter how much I’d like to make it fit. After I created this piece the tides shifted, and that tale has now been told out, but I do remember what a delight this was to paint.


Original watercolor on watercolor paper, unframed.

Product Dimensions

The piece: 8 x 10 inches



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