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Jot it down. Take note. Make a list. Write a treatise. Then store them on a shelf. Whatever the task, these notebooks are ready. Purposefully designed for function while making your everyday living a touch more artful.

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Pattern Story

A rare spotting of a Baird’s tapir inspired the original painting and design for this scarf. This May, the studio went to visit our mangrove initiative on Chira Island in the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica. This tiny women’s cooperative grows then transplants each mangrove sapling (1,250 and counting) to keep their ecosystem thriving. We plant a mangrove at this cooperative with every Core Collection silk scarf sold. Mangrove restoration is a critical way to mitigate rising carbon levels, especially in the Neotropical realm. Tapirs are important residents of this realm, which includes the Central and South American rainforests. I took our encounter as a sign — I knew they had to join our studio design menagerie. Tapir numbers have radically dropped due to habitat destruction, so it made sense to give them more exposure and a different locale on our scarves and notebooks. Don’t know much about tapirs? They are elusive vegetarians and can tip the scales at 700 lbs. They are also ungulates — closely related to horses and rhinos — and are excellent swimmers. They are born with built-in camouflage — the calf’s intricate markings hide them from jaguars and other predators. As they grow, the singular markings morph into a more uniform color that helps them fade into the shadows.

Product Story

When I was nine a family friend gave me The Nothing Book. I carried it everywhere and this habit became permanent — I am never without my journal. My sketchbooks hold my brain: the galumphing to-do list, jottings, inspiration, places to visit, music to listen to, books to read, movies to see, endless doodles, potential painting titles, dreams and schemes, kids appointments, my calendar, and the rest of the beat. Tapir Costa Rica notebook.


Notebook pages are a thick 70# white paper, printed on both sides. Flexible double-sided front cover with a durable book board back cover.
In order to improve the sustainability of our notebooks, we have upgraded both the cover and interior paper to 100% post-consumer waste paper.

Product Dimensions

7″ x 10″
72 sheets

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1 review for Tapir Notebook

  1. Laviniafp (verified owner)

    Wonderful notebook! In addition to the charming picture of the tapir, the paper used in these notebooks feels like writing or drawing on silk. A perfect combination of art and function.

    • Jennifer Roberts

      Lavinia! Thank you kindly for this warm review, we are so pleased that you are enjoying your new notebooks. We did spend some time testing out different papers, so it’s great to know that our research paid off!

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