Seed Journal 05


Wassily Kandinsky was right. It really does begin with a dot. I love writing it all down and these one- of -a -kind books are our answer to a world besotted with screens. We start with original watercolor studies, unique papers, and finish with Coptic stitching that allows each book to lay flat. The rest is up to you. One-of-a-kind artist journals.

Product Story

When I was nine a family friend gave me The Nothing Book. I carried it everywhere and this habit became permanent — I  am never without my journal. My sketchbooks hold my brain: the galumphing to-do list, jottings, inspiration, places to visit, music to listen to, books to read, movies to see, endless doodles, potential painting titles, dreams and schemes, kids appointments, my calendar, and the rest of the beat. I love handmade books and use them at every opportunity so I am partnering with bookbinder and maker extraordinaire Jennifer Roberts to convert my flat-file paintings and prints into handmade books. They make great gifts and guest books too.


Davey Board book covers; Interior pages are unlined, acid-free and 100% post-consumer waste. 60# Bright white interior pages.

Product Dimensions

6.25″ x 9.75″



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