Gunnison Sage-Grouse


Gunnison Sage Grouse framed original watercolor painting. 2020

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Product Story

I have started a new series in an uncharacteristic style for me. I tend towards abstraction but shifted to a more representational approach for this particular project. After reading about the global catastrophic decline in avian species last year, I started to sketch and research birds to increase my connection and knowledge. The Gunnison Sage-Grouse is often confused with the Greater Sage Grouse, but this bird has been accepted as its own species due to its smaller stature and restricted range. It resides only in Western Colorado and Utah. Habitat encroachment has diminished their numbers to around 4,600. Sage Grouse watercolor portrait.


Original watercolor on watercolor paper, framed.

Product Dimensions

26.5″ x 12″



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