Rainbow Nation


I was in Europe when 49 people died and scores of innocents were gunned down, and like all of you, I was devastated. I decided I needed to do a bit more than make a donation to @oneorlando, so I made my version of the rainbow flag to show solidarity, and we will not forget the victims and their families. There is work to be done to prevent further insanity. We should all be advocates against violence and we all need to speak out against prejudice. 2016
One hundred percent of the proceeds from this painting (less the shipping to you) will go to the One Orlando Fund. The names of all the victims are written in pencil on the back.

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“Rainbow Nation” original pride watercolor painting for One Orlando.



Original watercolor on watercolor paper, unframed

Product Dimensions

The piece: 23 _ x 25 inches
The painted area: 16 x 17 _ inches



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