Turkey Vulture Original Watercolor


Turkey Vulture – a member of Isa’s Bird Flight Series. 2022.

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Product Story

A few years ago,  I was up before dawn watching the birds above me. These flight patterns, these imprints into air, space, and sky were gorgeous and stayed with me. Contour drawings of different species’ flights came first, then a handful of paintings, later even more and now a collection.

Vultures are essential to the balance of our eco-system. New and old world vultures can absorb toxins that would obliterate most animals and, by doing so, help keep the planet tidy. Like all raptors they are experts at drafting off of thermals, so their flight pattern has a distinctive, lazy switchback. Purple watercolor strokes.


Watercolor on paper, in a contemporary white frame.

Product Dimensions

19″ x 27″



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