Sand in Your Shoes List-It Notebook


Jot it down. Take note. Make a list. Write a treatise. Then store them on a shelf. Whatever the task, these notebooks are ready. Purposefully designed for function while making your everyday living a touch more artful.

*This notebook was designed to coordinate with our Piping Plover tote bag. Purchase a tote bag and the notebook is included in a custom-designed pocket with an attached elastic pen holder.*

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Pattern Story

After reading about the global catastrophic decline in avian species last year, I started to sketch and research birds to increase my connection and knowledge. This is the Piping Plover, or Charadrius melodus, whose population was severely reduced over the last century from habitat destruction. Their preferred nesting zones are wide open, sandy shorelines – the same areas preferred for residential and commercial development.

Their population is making a comeback, having recently received “near threatened” status, and subsequently removed from the IUCN Red List. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the Great Lakes Region.

If you want to read more, this is an excellent resource:

Product Story

When I was nine a family friend gave me The Nothing Book. I carried it everywhere and this habit became permanent — I am never without my journal. My sketchbooks hold my brain: the galumphing to-do list, jottings, inspiration, places to visit, music to listen to, books to read, movies to see, endless doodles, potential painting titles, dreams and schemes, kids appointments, my calendar, and the rest of the beat.


Mohawk double-thick cover printed on 100% post-consumer waste stock. Mohawk 100% recycled 70# white paper, printed on the front side with ruled lines and boxes to check off completion of your tasks. Recycled euro book board back cover with foil stamp logo.

Product Dimensions

3.5″ x 10″
72 sheets



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