Pi Stripes Leather Coin Purse


Function, function, function! A leather zippered pouch to keep the clutter in your bag organized – whether coins, lip balm, rubber bands – this pouch exists to make finding things easier and more artful.

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Product Story


Pattern Story

When our son brought home his interest in irrational numbers and mathematical theorems, his excitement was contagious. His knowledge far outstrips mine, but I shared his fascination with Pi as a middle schooler. It is really fun to think of numbers unfurling in space, marching out beyond imagination and light. I also rediscovered e or Euler’s number while reading Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures. In a scene in the celebrated movie, the protagonist Katherine Johnson used Euler’s number to calculate the trajectory of John Glenn’s space capsule on a blackboard. That moment inspired me to plot the numbers of e using a color algorithm – my own take on a color trajectory. I wanted to engage numbers in a new way and found there was an architecture, a different kind of reveal as I painted row after row of squares that looked like chiclets. I found cadence in irrationality and a new correspondence with color.


100% Nappa leather


Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Product Dimensions

2.36″ (h) x 3.54″ (w) x 2.16″ (d)



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