Pi Stripes 53-78 Limited Edition Print


Archival pigments, digital fine art irrational number print of an original watercolor triptych. Color algorithm painting based on the 53rd-78th digits of the irrational number pi.

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Product Story

When our son brought home his interest in irrational numbers and mathematical theorems, his excitement was contagious. His knowledge far outstrips mine, but I shared his fascination with Pi as a middle schooler. It is really fun to think of numbers unfurling in space, marching out beyond imagination and light. I was inspired to plot the numbers of pi using a color algorithm – my own take on a color trajectory. I wanted to engage numbers in a new way and found there was an architecture, a different kind of reveal as I painted row after row of colorful lines. I found cadence in irrationality and a new correspondence with color. Irrational number print.

You can purchase the entire triptych here.


Original archival pigment digital print on high quality Crane Museo max rag paper. 260 gsm weight. Signed edition of 30.
These UltraChrome digital prints were created at White Room Imaging in Aspen, CO.

Product Dimensions

The piece: 9.5″ x 9″



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