Mirrored White Flowerkisser Wrap


An exclusive, limited-edition wrap in gorgeous 100% silk georgette. The mirrored appliques add just the right shimmer and have been hand applied. A stunning accent as a shoulder wrap, around the waist or as a scarf; a shape-shifting piece that is sure to stand out.

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Product Story

I travel a good deal and like to keep my suitcase small and at my side. Black and navy are pragmatic but often drab and make me look a bit like a pilgrim without the hat. These wraps were a way to keep color at hand. I use mine around my neck, my waist, as an impromptu pareo and on the ground for a picnic in the park.

Pattern Story

“If there is any moral precept shared by people of all beliefs, it is that we owe ourselves, and future generations, a beautiful, rich, and healthful environment.” -E.O. Wilson


Printed Silk Georgette. 100% natural silk. A gorgeous lightweight sheer fabric with a gossamer appearance due to its extremely thin threads.


Due to the delicate nature of this wrap and the handsewn appliques, please dry clean. Steaming is also not advised.

Product Dimensions

39″ x 76″



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