Milagro Wallflower Wrap


An exclusive, limited-edition wrap in gorgeous 100% silk georgette. The handsewn Milagro charms are an added surprise that many believe offer protection. Not only visually beautiful, the wrap makes a soft and sweet sound as the charms clink together. A stunning accent as a shoulder wrap, around the waist or as a scarf; a shape-shifting piece that is sure to stand out.

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Product Story

I travel a good deal and like to keep my suitcase small and at my side. Black and navy are pragmatic but often drab and make me look a bit like a pilgrim without the hat. These wraps were a way to keep color at hand. I use mine around my neck, my waist, as an impromptu pareo and on the ground for a picnic in the park.

Pattern Story

Inspired by a piece of vintage Indian wallpaper at a rummage sale.


Printed Silk Georgette. 100% natural silk. A gorgeous lightweight sheer fabric with a gossamer appearance due to its extremely thin threads. DO NOT steam, tip-toe with ironing


Due to the delicate nature of this wrap and the handsewn appliques, please dry clean. Steaming is also not advised.

Product Dimensions

39″ x 76″



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