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Singer Editions “Handyman” fine art print is of an original marriage-inspired mixed-media piece by the same name. This is based on a quip of Catto’s mother’s.

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Product Story

This Singer Editions “Handyman” fine art print is of an original marriage-inspired mixed-media piece by the same name. The inspiration for this piece is from an old quip of my mother’s. She would always say that a woman needed two husbands: one to talk to and one to fix things. I am already blessed with a wonderful husband to talk to, so I fabricated my own handyman. 2011

Catto’s parents liked a good aphorism. Although this stereotype is a bit outdated, it provided the inspiration for the original mixed media and subsequent prints.


Signed original Singer Editions prints.
Singer Editions is a fine art digital printmaking atelier specializing in the production of limited edition prints. Artist and printmaker work collaboratively, following a very traditional printmaking model during which the artist is involved at every stage of the process. The digital nature provides an unprecedented amount of control, insuring that every print accurately and faithful represents the artists’ vision. Each print is produced one-at-a-time by hand, and goes through a careful curating process before leaving the studio. In addition to the pride and craftsmanship that goes into the production of these prints, at every step of the process the highest quality, most permanent and most archival materials are utilized. The use of these quality materials insures that the prints will last a lifetime with no degradation to color or substrate. These prints were produced digitally using Epson printmaking technology. The paper is Museo manufactured by Crane; it combines a natural paper base with a surface specifically prepared to receive ink. I keep my editions small.

Product Dimensions

The piece: 22.25 x 26.5 inches
The printed area: 16 x 20 inches



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