Lady’s Mantle Italian Silk Scarf


Exquisitely made silk scarves, printed in Italy on the highest quality silk charmeuse for long-lasting color vibrancy. The scarves are then finished in the United States with a hand-rolled, hand-sewn hem. Beautifully packaged in a custom-designed sustainable box with magnetic closure. Please read more about the design of our silk scarves in our studio journal here.

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Pattern Story

I love hard workers, especially in my perennial garden. Lady’s Mantle or Alchemilla vulgaris is one of the more low maintenance plants in the Mojo Gardens and is now part of our square scarf line. After looking at Owen Jones’s designs (an English born 19th-century Welsh architect), I decided to stylize the plant for the original watercolor painting and then we developed an organic border mimicking the subtle flower heads clusters. One bit of nickel knowledge about Lady’s Mantle: the plant originated in Southern Europe and is associated with the Virgin Mary — hence the name — and was said to be used in altar adornments. It’s also a member of the Rose family.

Product Story

A scarf designed to last, the first thing you will pack for a trip and the final thing you will put on before stepping out. A scarf that is soft and smooth and won’t snare your earrings. A scarf to be passed from one generation to the next. My mother Jessica taught me that scarves were the best fashion hacks and inspired the creation of these pieces. I still have four treasured scarves of my mother’s. Her beloved Hermes scarf is framed and hangs in my daughter’s bedroom.  A great scarf can give you an instant shot of color, lifts the face, and adds miles to a simple wardrobe.

For every Core Collection silk scarf sale the studio makes, we will contribute one mangrove to the restoration project on Chira Island. You can read more about mangroves, the restoration project, and our partnership with Conservation International here.


100% pure silk, printed in Italy. Highest grade silk charmeuse is used for vibrancy of color. Hem is hand-rolled and hand-stitched in the United States.


Dry clean only.

Product Dimensions

Approximately 31″ x 31″



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