I Beg to Be the River


This framed original watercolor, “I Beg to be the River,” was the first pass for a cover design for a collection of my late sister Heather Catto Kahout’s essays and poems. 2017. Her work is a constant inspiration — like this passage she wrote during the heart of her battle with cancer:

“In recent months I’ve found that the power of Love is as startling as the force of nature. When I found that my life was as fragile as a nestling’s egg, disintegrating as I tried to pick up its shattered pieces, something appeared, an unexpected padding, to help me into a new life. The realities of death and illness, grief and anger–the possibility that this new home will fall–never stop looming. But over time the steady swooping kindnesses have built an improbable nest in which I have been, for now (and what else is there?), protected.
Despite years of thinking and reading and analyzing, I’ve been overwhelmed by the steadiness of Love’s flow, as powerful as the wind and water eroding the west Texas vastness and almost as impersonal, a force that needs an outlet, that seeks to move where it is not. I’ve stood in the midst of the swallows’ enfolding flight and seen that it continues when I step out of it.”

-Heather Catto Kohout

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Framed original watercolor, “I Beg to be the River.”


Original watercolor on watercolor paper, framed

Product Dimensions

The piece: 40 x 47.25 inches
The painted area: 25.5 x 35.5 inches
The frame: 41.5 x 48.5 inches



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