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We are constantly readjusting to a new life under the shadow of the pandemic and now face coverings are mostly mandatory. This pivot has presented the studio with a new opportunity to add style and color to your regular wardrobe with this hummingbird pattern face mask.

Playful hummingbird illustrations inspired by my garden companions adorn this everyday face mask. Our latest face mask has four layers with a pocket to insert the additional filter if you choose. Comfortable and stylish, this mask has adjustable ear loops and a pliable nose wire. Lightweight and breathable, this will become your go-to face covering.

Although this mask is not medical grade, it does meet recommendations for cloth face coverings.

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Pattern Story

There are many reasons to love hummingbirds. They are kamikaze aviators and are the only birds that can fly backward. They have jewel-like plumage and see ultraviolet colors beyond our limited human range. Finally, the Aztecs believed they were a source of the sun’s heat or were the souls of dead warriors. So it was easy to make them a cornerstone of our design collection.

Product Story

4-layer face mask with insertable carbon filter. Inspired by the dynamic hummingbird – hummingbird pattern face mask. While these are not medical grade, they do meet recommendations and clean out nearly 100% of bacteria and viruses. Nose adjuster and adjustable ear loops make for a comfortable, custom fit.


2 layers of 100% cotton and 2 layers of 100% polyester. Comes with an insertable PM2.5 carbon filter that cleans out almost 100% of bacteria and viruses.


Remove carbon filter before washing. Machine wash cool on a gentle/delicate setting. Machine dry on a low temperature setting or air dry.

Product Dimensions

Mask has approximately 5″ vertical rise from under portion of chin to bridge of nose.



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