Tapir Italian Silk Scarf


This exquisitely made square green silk scarf is printed in Italy on the highest quality silk charmeuse for long-lasting color vibrancy. The scarves are then finished in the United States with a hand-rolled, hand-sewn hem. Beautifully packaged in a sustainable gift box. Please read more about the design of our silk scarves in our studio journal here.

To learn more about the Chira Island Mangrove restoration project, read Isa’s blog post. To learn more about tapirs, check out the Tapir Specialist Group.

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Pattern Story

A rare spotting of a Baird’s tapir inspired the original painting and design for this scarf. This May, the studio went to visit our mangrove initiative on Chira Island in the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica. This tiny women’s cooperative grows then transplants each mangrove sapling (1,250 and counting) to keep their ecosystem thriving. We plant a mangrove at this cooperative with every Core Collection silk scarf sold. Mangrove restoration is a critical way to mitigate rising carbon levels, especially in the Neotropical realm. Tapirs are important residents of this realm, which includes the Central and South American rainforests. I took our encounter as a sign — I knew they had to join our studio design menagerie. Tapir numbers have radically dropped due to habitat destruction, so it made sense to give them more exposure and a different locale on our scarves and notebooks. Don’t know much about tapirs? They are elusive vegetarians and can tip the scales at 700 lbs. They are also ungulates — closely related to horses and rhinos — and are excellent swimmers. They are born with built-in camouflage — the calf’s intricate markings hide them from jaguars and other predators. As they grow, the singular markings morph into a more uniform color that helps them fade into the shadows.

Product Story

We create products designed to last and this scarf is no exception.  Our scarves are the first thing to pack for a trip and the final thing you will put on before stepping out. A scarf that is soft and smooth and won’t snag on your earrings. A scarf to be passed from one generation to the next. My mother Jessica taught me that scarves were the best fashion hacks and inspired the creation of these pieces. I still have four treasured scarves of my mother’s. Her beloved Hermes scarf is framed and hangs in my daughter’s bedroom.  A great scarf can give you an instant shot of color, lifts the face, and adds miles to a simple wardrobe. This square green silk scarf is timeless.

For every Core Collection silk scarf sale the studio makes, we will contribute one mangrove to the restoration project on Chira Island. You can read more about mangroves, the restoration project, and our partnership with Conservation International here.


100% pure silk, printed in Italy. Highest grade silk charmeuse is used for vibrancy of color. Hem is hand-rolled and hand-stitched in the United States.


Dry clean only.

Product Dimensions

Approximately 31″ x 31″



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