Holiday Pi Wrapping Paper


Heavy-weight (70#) acid-free wrapping paper sheets printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. Wrap it up in style with our green & red square holiday paper, part of our growing collection of unique patterns.

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Pattern Story

This holiday pi watercolor is a variation of my algorithmic painting. Pi is an irrational number that captivated my son as he learned about the endlessness of irrationality. I tried to envision this as he saw it, assigning each number (1-10) a different shade, then painting 3.1415926…and so on. This helped me to recognize the incredible lengths of irrationality, even demonstrating that colorful patterns can emerge from randomness.

Product Story

Red and green wrapping paper. I am a careful consumer and prefer to shop small, shop sustainably and/or shop locally. That said, I do love giving gifts and prefer giving something other than a gift card. I love the pageantry around solstice and Christmas but loath the attendant commercialism. The antidote? Shop early, keep a list of ideas year-round and don’t forget to have fun with the process. My favorite gifts were homespun — I used to grow amaryllis for teacher gifts or I support other artists. I am always looking for wrapping paper that is non-denominational, different and playful. I love the experience of opening a well-wrapped package with a thoughtful card. So the studio decided to produce its own line of wrapping paper for the holidays and beyond. So come wrap it up with us.


Matte heavy weight (70#) FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper; acid-free with a super smooth finish. Roll of 2.

Product Dimensions

20″ x 29″. Wrapping paper is sold in two flat sheets. Sheets will be gently rolled together and shipped in a corrugated mailing tube.



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