Wallflower Full Apron – Canvas


Sometimes you need full coverage. Our full-length aprons protect your clothes while keeping you in style. A durable and structured 100% cotton canvas that will soften with each wear and washing. Plenty of pockets for organization. Brass hardware makes sizing adjustments a cinch. Generously sized cotton waist straps. Each apron comes with a coordinating List-It notebook; sized perfectly for checking things off your to-do list. We like to mix things up, so these aprons include two variations in pattern play. Simply pick from the large-scale pattern as the primary material with the smaller scale as the pockets or the reverse with these green and blue floral aprons.

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Pattern Story

I cannot resist a good flea market. I found this piece of vintage Indian wallpaper tucked into a box at a rummage sale. I adapted the design into a watercolor and then developed it further into our signature wallflower pattern motif. Wallflowers are the best kind of blossoms, no?

Product Story

Life can be messy, but that should never discourage a true creative spirit. Our full length apron keeps you covered in a playful blue and green floral pattern apron while you dig into baking, painting, gardening, deep frying, barbecuing, or washing a muddy dog. And we put three pockets in a different scale of the same pattern so you can tuck in everything but the kitchen sink while you move about. One pocket is designed for those oversized cell phones, the other for our List-It notepad and pen to capture inspiration or to amend your to do list. And the third pocket — well that’s up to you, but maybe a harmonica, kazoo or dog biscuits?


A cotton canvas with a heavier weight that offers increased durability and structure over our cotton-linen blend aprons. 100% cotton.


Wash on gentle cycle with cold water to protect colors. Hang dry, do not wring. Iron or steam to remove wrinkles.



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