Mixed Media on Panel

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Product Story

Genie was one of many collages addressing the constant quest to treat my mother’s terminal cancer. Like almost every other family who has battled cancer, we kept looking for that proverbial genie in a bottle, or a cure, or at least a remission, lured by one clinical trial after another. There was no reprieve and she died six years ago this month. She will always be an incandescent light in my life. 2011


My mixed media panels range from 6 x 8 inches to 12 x 14 inches size and have a very different compositional approach from my paintings. I find myself increasingly looking for intersection in my private and public lives as a mother, a woman, an artist, a writer, a gardener, as a citizen in my local community and at large. I am using my next show to examine overlap. My creative process is inspired by the rhythm, the chaos, and considerations of my life — and by poetry, literature, and especially by the natural world.

Product Dimensions

The piece: 12 x 14 inches



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