Fez Star Skirt

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A little stretch and a lot of style. Skirts to take you from the bike trail to a meeting, out to dinner and home again. Designed to eliminate the daily schlep of a huge tote or backpack to accommodate wardrobe changes.

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Product Story

Why athletic skirts? When I step into town I prefer skirts to the mountain uniform of jeans and yoga apparel. I kept searching for longer, attractive alternatives to the athleisure offerings. I wanted to wear one outfit from the garden to the walking trail to the bike path to meetings and even into a casual evening. I needed a hemline that was long enough to look professional and short enough to give way when I pedaled (shorter hem lengths coming as well for the young and spry.) And in the Fall I wanted skirts to layer over leggings and boots. So I designed what I couldn’t find. I converted my drawings and paintings into fun, and (I think) flattering patterns.

Pattern Story

In 1999 I took a trip to Morocco. The textures, the colors, the bustle and the desert were constant sources of inspiration. This pattern was inspired
by colorful striped bowls in the Marrakesh souk.


Modern jersey with plenty of stretch (95% polyester, 5% spandex). Printed with ecologically-safe inks by Spoonflower in the US. Handsewn by a small team of dedicated women throughout the United States. 


Wash separately in cool or warm water using a gentle machine cycle and phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature setting. Iron if necessary with a light touch on a synthetic setting with the printed side down for best results.  

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1 review for Fez Star Skirt

  1. Karen Finley

    I love my skirt! It is so comfortable but looks put together. Thinking about ordering another one I love this one so much!

    • Jennifer Roberts

      Thank you, we love them too and Isa wears one nearly every day!

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