Indigo Olives Wrap


White and indigo are timeless color combinations, and we decided to showcase them in our indigo olive motif inspired by ovals everywhere. We think these knee length blue rayon wrap skirts are our most versatile studio product – it can be a pareo, scarf, shoulder wrap, head wrap or picnic tablecloth. It’s open to interpretation. Dry clean only.

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Pattern Story

Specific motifs always bubble up in my sketches. This ovoid olive shape is a sketchbook constant, so we decided to give it a broader audience and make it into a pattern. The olive branch is the international symbol for peace, so that’s a bonus!

Product Story

Everyone in the studio is dreaming of traveling again. Those days will come again, and when they do, we are ready for you. We have the perfect midi length wraparound skirt complete with its own coordinating pouch. These rayon skirts keep color at hand and take up no space. Once nested in their pouch they are not much bigger than the latest iPhone and they can be used as both scarf AND skirt. Choose from four different patterns and have your suitcase at the ready with this blue rayon wrap.


100% Rayon


Dry clean only

Product Dimensions

55″ x 32″



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