Indigo Olives Tote Bag


Blue and white circles limited edition cotton/jute blend tote bags with long leather handles designed to keep your hands free. We also added a special coordinating List-It notebook and pen to keep your mind clutter-free. The simple oval of an olive inspired this pattern, but I used one of my favorite colors in the original watercolor sketch — indigo — because it goes with everything and is the color of a Colorado night winter sky.

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Pattern Story

Specific motifs always bubble up in my sketches. This ovoid olive shape is a sketchbook constant, so we decided to give it a broader audience and make it into a pattern. The olive branch is the international symbol for peace, so that’s a bonus!

Product Story

We are a nation of schleppers — our stuff seems to go where we go — and most of us have a tote bag or two. I find them indispensable. I use totes for everything. I have a tote filled with dog walk necessities. The family car emergency kit is stashed in yet another bag. Another tote even houses my household’s stray socks — I am an optimist when it comes to stray socks. Why are our bags different? We wanted our bags to have some additional flourishes. Each bag has a List-it notebook pocket and a zipped pocket for your phone, keys, or wallet so it can pivot from your extra bag to your MAIN bag.  This way you will never get caught without something to write down that key bit of inspiration. Blue and white circles tote bag.


Jute and lightweight cotton

Product Dimensions

Tote Bag: 15″ x 16″
Notebook: 3.5″ x 10″



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