Bird Flight Patterns Notecard Set


Write a friend or family member a special note. Send a thank you after a nice gift. These colorful notecards will be a great introduction to a lovely letter.

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A few years ago, I was up before dawn watching the birds above me. These flight patterns, these imprints into air, space, and sky were gorgeous and stayed with me. Contour drawings of different species’ flights came first, then a handful of paintings, and now this collection of 6 unique bird flight patterns on greeting cards.


Printed in the USA using soy-ink on French Paper Company pop-tone paper, includes coordinating envelopes.


A2 – 4.25 x 5.5, folded, blank inside
Set of 6 unique designs

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3 reviews for Bird Flight Patterns Notecard Set

  1. Helen Leeke (verified owner)

    I love these notecards. The paper is such a high quality and the thought behind the design is wonderful. I gave the cards as a gift to bird watcher and she was thrilled!

    • Savanna LaBauve

      Helen, we’re so happy to hear that your bird watcher friend loved the note cards!

  2. Erin Robinson (verified owner)

    I love using these notecards. They are great all occasion cards and they bring beauty to wherever they go.

    • Jennifer Roberts

      Thank you, Erin – long live the handwritten note!

  3. Alexandra Yajko (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards inspire more handwritten notes. Thank you for your creativity and attention to such fine details.

    Rating 5 *

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