Ashes of Rose Wrap


Our most versatile piece – pareo, scarf, shoulder wrap, head wrap or picnic tablecloth. It’s open to interpretation. Everyone seems to be on the move these days and a piece of clothing needs to shapeshift.

Product Story

I travel a good deal and like to keep my suitcase small and at my side. Black and navy are pragmatic but often drab and make me look a bit like a pilgrim without the hat. These wraps were a way to keep color at hand. I use mine around my neck, my waist, as an impromptu pareo and on the ground for a picnic in the park.

Pattern Story

Ashes of rose is a color name that has faded from view but was once celebrated in the sentimental English Victorian palette. It’s a blush pink toned down with a mild grey. And it’s a ubiquitous hue in every garden. I find it in the paler portion of my crab apple blossoms and my heirloom columbine flowers and everywhere in the Fall garden. But like many colors, it can be tricky to replicate out of a natural world context. If you are a particular vintage, you will remember that the sensational dress that Rachel Ward wore in an iconic scene in The Thorn Birds miniseries, was ashes of rose. That color was perfect, but then again, so was Rachel Ward. You have to have a specific skin tone to wear it in a substantial swath, so we amped up the pink and paired it with a mirrored indigo paisley to broaden its range and to balance out the sweetness.


Printed Chiffon. Chiffon is an ultra-sheer, lightweight 100% polyester fabric. Printed using ecologically-safe inks. Printed by Spoonflower. Handsewn by a small team of dedicated women throughout the United States.


Wash separately in cool water on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. Iron if necessary with a very light touch on a synthetic setting with the printed side down for best results.

Product Dimensions

45″ x 70″



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