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Woody Creek Garden Is A Green Dream For Spring

Isa Catto Shaw - July 1, 2013

After a gardening disaster and the loss of her mother, Isa Catto Shaw healed her heart by coaxing life from the soil.

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Isa Catto: Finding Her Nature

Stewart Oksenhorn - September 12, 2008

Forget psychoanalysis and the infinite, newfangled methods of getting to know yourself. For Isa Catto, at least, there is watercolor, clay, paper, found objects, and nights alone in her studio.

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A Green Dream Home

Susan Reifer Ryan - March 26, 2008

In an Aspen artist’s home, the walls are canvases for color. But the foundation on which it stands is pure green.

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Making Art A Career

Karen Frankel - July 2001

Isa Catto has established a successful career with watercolors by staying vigilant about the business and remaining true to her artistic goals.

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