california condor head with red eyes, orange face and black feathers spread in a crown around head

Design Inspiration: Endangered American Birds, California Condor

Original California Condor watercolor “The greatest danger to our future is apathy.”Jane Goodall California Condor After reading about the drastic decline in avian species last year, I subsequently started researching and sketching endangered American birds, and the California Condor was easy to fall for. The whole studio became enchanted by these new world vultures —…
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Isa’s Journal

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The Studio

red mangrove flowers with four yellow petals


Since I draw so much inspiration for my work from the natural world, I’ve come to realize I owe this glorious planet of ours not…
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Ashes of Rose

Ashes of rose is a color name that has faded from view but was once celebrated in the sentimental English Victorian palette. It’s a blush…
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