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I am a garden hugger. The patterns from this collection celebrate life from the ground up.

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about the collection

I am a constant gardener. My garden holds my signature, and the signature of all its botanical and animal inhabitants. It is a collaboration with countless partners in constant motion. The perennial garden wraps around my house in two coils, like a loose double strand of pearls, separating the house from another unruly garden with no steward except the federal government.

Every time I move through my cultivated space, or its wild counterpart, there is discovery. I feel like a child who shakes, the shakes again, the kaleidoscope to rediscover different formations of the same pile of bits.

I feel without ceasing every change in the garden itself, the changes of light as the atmosphere grows darker, and the springing up of a wind, and the rhythm of the locusts, and the colors of certain flowers that become very moving—they seem to be a part of some happiness or unhappiness, an unhappiness that something is lost or left unknown or undone perhaps—and no longer simple in their own beautiful outward way.

Eudora Welty