Process & Inspiration

Peony in Blue: Design Story

Luna amongst my peony hedge. Peonies are easy to fall for. These legendary perennials look high maintenance but are quite the opposite, although they require plenty of compost, attention to staking, and the basics of water and light. The plants thrive in our cool high alpine climate and have naturalized throughout my garden. When our…

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Making the List

Our studio director Jennifer Roberts on the story behind our bestselling List-It notebooks Our monkey king list it notebook. 1. The Inspiration My mother’s singular list-making habit was the initial inspiration for my List-it notebook design. Her lists are a marvel. I would stumble on them all over our house– on a desk, the kitchen…

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Ode to Joy – Design Story:

Our Ode to Joy prints. Years ago my daughter’s interest in mathematics inspired me to translate numbers into a color algorithm. I assigned colors to digits and charted out irrational numbers like Pi and Euler’s and found not only patterns but also a certain cadence within the string of numbers.  I thought I could apply…

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Ashes of Rose

Rose in our garden. Ashes of rose is a color name that has faded from view but was once celebrated in the sentimental English Victorian palette. It’s a blush pink toned down with a mild grey. And it’s an ubiquitous hue in every garden. I find it in the paler portion of my crab apple…

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