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Design Inspiration: The Story Behind our Scarves

“When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” Audrey Hepburn My mother definitely took an unconventional approach to her interior decor. She paid no attention to the rules of what made an object or painting “high or low” and gleefully blurred design boundaries. She blended fine…

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Since I draw so much inspiration for my work from the natural world, I’ve come to realize I owe this glorious planet of ours not only a debt of gratitude, but something more tangible. And I want to reciprocate in a way that helps protect the environment, but that also supports communities of women in…

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Ashes of Rose

Ashes of rose is a color name that has faded from view but was once celebrated in the sentimental English Victorian palette. It’s a blush pink toned down with a mild grey. And it’s an ubiquitous hue in every garden. I find it in the paler portion of my crab apple blossoms and my heirloom…

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