Rose in an aspen grove When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. John Muir Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it stays true to its origin story. Our Thanksgiving tradition may look nothing like the first meal between the Pilgrims and Native Americans,…

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Letter from Peru

Andean Motmot “Conservation is sometimes perceived as stopping everything cold, as holding whooping cranes in higher esteem than people. It is up to science to spread the understanding that the choice is not between wild places or people; it is between a rich or an impoverished existence for Man.” – DR. THOMAS LOVEJOY The view…

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Common Currency

“Our life is a faint tracing on the surface of mystery, like the idle curved tunnels of leaf miners on the face of a leaf. We must somehow take a wider view, look at the whole landscape, really see it, and describe what’s going on here. Then we can at least wail the right question…

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Life on Earth

“The whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world. Why are you here? How do you fit in? What’s it all about?”David Attenborough When I was seven, I released a candy wrapper out of an open car window to see it take flight. My father caught me in the act…

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Free Bird – Design Story: Appreciating the Overhead

The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.” –Terry Tempest Williams https://isacatto.com/product-tag/plover/piping plover A small animation of our piping plover doing what it does best: running across the sands of the Great Lakes. I was an avid bird watcher as a child. I spent hours with the Audubon…

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The Release: The Story Behind the Painting

The Release Singer Editions Print A rabbit image for the beginning of February. And the story to go with it. When I was pregnant with our oldest, I wanted to take a class before motherhood became all-consuming, so I signed up for an introduction to mixed media workshop with the sublime artist Roy Dowell at…

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Elk Dreams

Elk above my home. There is no succinct beginning or end to a garden season. Rather, the seasons are on a constant loop with variations in tempo. Winter is when I regroup and lean into the next pattern, the next beat. A Colorado winter always induces a big sleep. I see my flowers and vegetable gardens disappear layer…

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