Wraparound Style

Wraparound Style

Seventies style celebrated the elegance of the wrap. Diane von Furstenburg launched her classic wrap dress, bohemian lasses wore long, flowy wraparound skirts to Grateful Dead shows, and my high school-aged sister lived in her Indian cotton wrap skirt when she wasn’t in her school uniform. Wraparounds are my favorite wardrobe staple. I love their versatility since they dress up and down with ease. Our rayon wrap skirts (now sold out) are a three-season favorite. Continue below to learn how to wear these skirts and some thoughts on how to style them.


How to Wear

These rayon skirts are a simple one-size-fits many design. They are essentially a large rectangle that has been gently curved towards the bottom for a more flattering drape. Each side of the top waistband has a long attached "fabric belt" for securing around your waist.

To wear, simply hold the wrap all the way extended and decide where you would like the fabric to overlap. Then determine whether the skirt opening is positioned towards the front, side, or back. Once you've positioned the wrap to your liking, continue wrapping the fabric belt around until it meets up with the other side, and tie the two ends together.

a woman show from shoulders down holding an extended wrap skirt in front of her in order to demonstrate how to wear and style this type of skirt
Step 1: Our rayon wrap extended to show the curved drape of the design along with the fabric ties that extend from each end.
a red and white wrap skirt held around a woman's waist to show how it is wrapped around and the second image shows how it is tied to create a draping skirt silhouette
Step 2: Find where you want the opening. Then wrap the skirt around your waist and position. Fiona is wearing this skirt with the opening in the back. The ties can be modified to your liking.
A young woman shown from the midriff to knees wearing a red an white floral wrap skirt showing the tie around the waist
Step 3: The finished look with the tie in the front and opening in the back.
close-up waist of a young woman showing how to tie a wrap skirt around their waist, side profile and a second image showing the finished tie
The Alternate: Another example of tying the straps together and a finished side-tie.
An example of tying the skirt in the back

How to Style

Our wrap-around skirts are multi-dimensional. Each skirt can be styled at least three different ways - a perfect example of a “less-is-more” product. In addition, our skirt comes in its own fabric pouch with extra room for your travel essentials.

The Nomad
These skirts are very travel-friendly and pack small. You can wear them with a bathing suit and throw on a tee-shirt and step into a restaurant. Or, if I'm traveling from bitter cold to equatorial heat, I tuck a skirt and a blouse into my carry-on and change before landing.

The Westerner
I live in boots and these skirts pair perfectly with my cowboy boots. I simply add either a denim or suede jacket and finish with a wide belt.
shoulder down image of young woman wearing a white t-shirt and green floral wrap skirt over leggings and converse sneakers

The Weekender
Most of us are on the move on Saturdays and these skirts play well with sneakers and over leggings in cooler temperatures. Or with a T-shirt and sweater. Why not add some flair to errand running?

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