Customized, bulk Notebooks

green striped notebook with a cover sheet on top of a stacked of notebooks wrapped in orange decorative tissue

Did you know we can customize our Standard Notebooks with your logo and copy? Notebooks are functional and thoughtful gifts for conferences, weddings, work employees/colleagues, clients, vendors, etc. 

For orders of 20 or more notebooks, the studio can add a custom wrapper. In addition, if the notebook is for a conference or event, the first page of the notebook can be customized with an Agenda or other useful information.

wire bound notebook with green striped cover and a stack of customized wrappers sitting on top
Notebooks for the Aspen Institute - packaging size, copy and logo can all be customized. In addition, notebooks can be wrapped for ease of gifting. 

For orders of 50 or more notebooks, we can integrate your logo into the cover design and add a custom wrapper and custom first page.

purple floral notebook covers with finished notebook on top
Custom notebook covers with integrated logo for Aspen Words.

Interested in a completely custom cover? Reach out and we can discuss your idea or event and craft an entirely new design.

Customization is not limited to our Standard notebooks, click below to view cover options in our additional notebook sizes. 

Reporter-sized notebooks 
List-it notebooks

colorful striped steno sized notebooks with a custom cover sheet and marketing information on top

Notebooks for Ibu Movement including custom cover sheet, and original art printed in different scales for variation. 

Bulk discounts are available, reach out today to discuss your project. Most custom projects require two weeks to complete. 

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