Flower Child

large pink flower bloom
purple bell shaped flowers

"Just living is not enough....one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

Hans Christian Andersen
large pink flower bloom
Papaver orientalis in the Mojo Garden

The gardening catalogues are clogging up our post box and I am daydreaming about my gardening future. I’m beginning to feel the earth move under my feet, even through a foot of snow.

multicolored alpine lupine in Mojo garden
Lupine in the Mojo Garden.

Conservation InternationaI's "I need nature" campaign is a household hit, and our kids love the celebrity takes on various "personalities" of our natural world. The film shorts make a compelling reason for why we all should be conservationists.

monarda flowers in the Mojo garden
Monarda in the Mojo Garden.

My favorite features Lupita Nyongo and makes me long for my flowers, the Mojo Garden (our garden) and summer. You can find Lupita as flower below, but don’t miss Penelope Cruz as water either.

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