Jody Guralnick

jody guralnick floral cups

One of the advantages of being an artist is knowing scores of other artists and their work. In this world of art world celebrity and high stakes collecting, many wonderful and established artists get overlooked. From time to time, The Creative Rummage will feature some of my artistic community and today’s post is about my friend Jody Guralnick.

The artist in her Aspen studio

I love visiting other artist's homes and studios. Visual artists well understand the seduction of detail, whimsy and surprise, and almost always bring those skills into play in their home interiors. Our friends Jody and Michael are no exception and have a wonderful aesthetic. She is a lush and facile painter; he is an architect and photographer. Jody and I share a passion for botany and the natural world, except she is much more fluent in wildflower identification and more disciplined about invoking proper Latin terminology.

Her cups.
Her rummaging.
Her studies.
A work in progress.

She collects botanic quirk at every opportunity and pours that inspiration into her paintings and ceramics. The fusilli pasta like form second to left was a piece of old seaweed she spirited away from a distant shore on Cumberland Island, Georgia on our last visit. I don't remember how she got it home -- the smell was, er, pungent. I was on a separate flight. Mercifully.

More rummaging.
Her paintings.
Her dishes.
Her vases.
Every studio needs a mascot, an old, comfortable couch and piles of stacked books.

You can explore more on her Instagram.

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